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You love those homes that are soulfully layered or have an English home in the countryside (like the Holiday) – but how do you source these beautiful types of second-hand vintage furniture?

I wish I had a dollar for every time that I read “I ordered a sofa/dining room table/crib but it was delayed, AGAIN!” on Instagram. I would be rolling in the dough. With this neverending Pandemic, the shipping delays are real. 

Did you know that vintage shopping went up —% last year? (insert link of data point) With shipping delays and yet another year of this pandemic, people are tired of waiting to update their homes. And even more so, are tired of things that only last 6 months due to being made cheaply.

The answer to that? second-hand vintage furniture pieces that are heirloom quality, well made, affordable, and NO SHIPPING DELAYS!  

In this post, you will learn 3 Tips on how to find second-hand vintage furniture pieces on craigslist, Facebook, cherish, and more.

I have been doing this myself since we moved from Seattle to Denver last year. And while slow, it is so awesome to find a killer piece of vintage. 

Want some museum-quality art for your home inspired by Impressionists? click here

Tip #1 On Facebook, be specific. Facebook (AKA Meta), is keyword specific. And the more specific you are, the better your luck. 

Is there a Vintage dresser you want? Start there. 

Type, “Vintage Dresser”. 

And even if you find things you don’t want to purchase TODAY, hit save. Because the more that you do this, the more that Facebook will know what you like and will suggest things. 

Some more terms to play with (Things I am on the prowl for!)

  • French provincial 
  • Art Deco
  • MCM
  • Gilded Light
  • Boho

Tips #2 Check out other sites – cultivate a favorites collection. (You like to collect things virtually too?? Oh, me too!) 

Are there terms that you notice you seem to gravitate towards? Baroque, 17th century, English – take note of those and see what happens when you enter those in your second-hand vintage furniture search. (Like or

Tip #3 Try all the terms. You know when you are searching for something on Google and you are not sure quite what to type in so you try all the things? Do that! 

Try, “Sofa, Couch, Sectional” see what comes up. 

Have certain brand names you want vintage? Try those too. “PB or Pottery Barn Sofa”. 

Do you know the actual term for the piece of the style you want? Search for that!

For example, on Etsy, I searched: Venetian Mirror. 

(Psst hot tip! Not sure what something is called? Screenshot then use the Google Visual Search!)

See this video on how to do it!

Did I get those wheels turning? Did you start to search for some pieces to bring into your home today? 

If you liked this article, let me know in the comments what pieces you found. Better yet, tag me on Instagram @evergreenandaspen and show me your goods! I’m also posting so many good Vignettes on Pinterest that keep me searching. (LIke a dog with a bone this girl)

OK, so now you are good at finding vintage pieces, but what about shopping for artwork with your other half? Click here for some tips!

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  1. Such great ideas! Brb I’ll be scouring pinterest, ebay, and fb marketplace for all the goodies!

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