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Photographing Flowers – Everything I have learned ..So Far



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Hey, I have a shocker for you, not every flower is available on demand when you want them. That is Amazon culture for you. Flowers do not respond well to that.

In this journal post, we’re gonna talk about everything I’ve learned about flowers so far by photographing them. Pull up your sleeves, it’s going to be a dirty one.

If you want to get some flowers I don’t require you to get dirty check out my goodbye PNW collection.

The first thing I have learned is that flowers are so much like people. They each have their own shapes, ways of responding to light and darkness.

Cereus Flower VIA the NY Times
Cereus Flower VIA the NY Times

Some flowers bloom in the moonlight only once per year.

Some respond well to the cold like the Crocus.

And then some flowers are just classic.. Ones that you are used to seeing in grandma‘s garden and on Valentine’s Day. Such as the rose.

Rose Photo by Katie Buckman
Rose Photo by Katie Buckman

But this means that flowers aren’t always available on demand.

Even though we can find some in them from multiple parts of the world, if we looked locally for flowers we would find there are times when they are dead (pun intended).

If we look at classical arts it just means that this makes them more special. Because flowers are allowed to rest and are not supposed to be available to us year-round.

Frances Hodson Burnett Quote
Frances Hodson Burnett Quote

The second thing that I have learned about flowers is you have to work fast.

Although some are beautiful Dead or Alive like the rose – an orchid not so much. Some flowers tire easily and your time with them is more limited.

Here is a video of me preparing and styling some flowers for a friend. Check it out here.

Want to know some places to get flowers? Start local.

There are many flower farms and flower coops available that you can subscribe to getting flowers monthly – and it supports your local growers.

Shop where florists shop! Simply google Flower Co-Op and you will find the local place where professionals shop. Please be aware that there may be limited times for the public and check with them before you go.

Local Florists! You may be surprised, but they may sell you flowers by the stem. Especially if you are wanting to play with arranging them yourselves.

They may even give you a few tips on specific types of flowers if you ask ever so kindly. I have even found florists that do certain styles for weddings that will style flowers to your liking.

Whole Foods or the grocery store. Now I cannot comment as to where they get their flowers, but often it is a great and affordable place to start playing and learning about flowers.

Online, I do have a place where I love to get flowers. Why Farmgirl Flowers? Because it is a small business that is owned by women. They always send the most beautiful of bunches and I know where they source their flowers.

You have just learned a bit more about playing with flowers, how to care for them and where to get them. I cannot wait to see what beauty you create!

Comment on this post if this was helpful. Want to learn more? Tell me what you want to learn more about, I would love to help!

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