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Cassidy + Tino: Family Photography Session at Golden Hour



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Today, I am so excited to share with you this family’s beautiful Family Photography Session taken at Daniel’s Overlook in Castle Pines, Colorado. It is a literal dream that came to life.

At 10:30 am with two kids that had lots of questions, I pulled up to the park that had been plaguing my mind for weeks. I could see the mountain and valley in my mind as I had before – but would it work for this? For this Family Photography session?

As all professional photographers do, I scouted the location ahead of time with my kiddos in tow to ensure that it was the spot. The one that would combine their love of each other and nature in a storybook setting we had in mind.

We walked around, admiring the Buffalo that lived there, that is until we came upon a single white horse. Yes, just the one. He said hello and then went and met with his friends. (and as I recall this moment in my mind, I wish he was a unicorn!)

We got back in the car to explore a bit more before heading home for lunch. I happened to turn and “eureka!” (I am an explorer after-all) I think I found the perfect spot.

Denver had been plagued with Seattle mixed with the Midwest types of storms as of late – lots of rain, thunder, and lighting with the occasional hail. To say it had been dramatic weather would be an understatement. However, the result of this brought green rolling hills that normally would be brown and crunchy by this time in June.

I returned to Cassidy, the Momma of this family of 4, and asked her what she was wanting to capture in the images we were constructing. Cassidy said, “How much they love each other, how small they (kids) were, and how much they love us.”

I knew that capturing loads of giggles, the newness of trying to walk for Noah, the telling of grand stories and ideas from Kennedy – all important moments to capture for her.

The plan was this: capturing their love in an endearing and vintage movie-type way. Rain or shine, we were going to make it magical. Twirling through green fields, little fingers playing with wildflowers, gappy smiles after just losing teeth and just getting the first set. Patterns upon patterns showcase their love of style and the best part – their genuine happiness together.

Looking to create your own family dream sequence? Let’s chat!

So do these images give you a dream sequence drizzled with love in a vintage type of way? Scroll to see more and let me know in the comments. Without further ado, I bring the family photographs of Tino & Cassidy. Real moments of family, love, and lost thoughts. The kinds that are frozen in time.

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