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Quiet Luxury Family Photography: Capturing the Timeless Elegance of Your Family



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Quiet Luxury brings to mind a family sitting together and enjoying each other’s company without even noticing the camera. The wind is softly blowing – you can see it in the Doen dresses and spaghetti finger twirled sun-kissed hair blowing in the wind. The kids are running and playing with uncontrollable giggles. The baby is quietly sleeping in the mother’s arms snuggled in the crook of her elbow.

I can see the image when I close my eyes. If you close your eyes, do you see the image too?

To me, Quiet Luxury is about creating an experience of understated elegance and timeless beauty while capturing the true love of your family. Embracing this approach, a lifestyle characterized by simplicity, quality, and a focus on everlasting style – ensures that your images are beautiful, authentic, and timeless. But not only look timeless – but feel timeless as you return to the images again and again.

Unsure how to infuse it into your next family session? Let’s walk through how to infuse the feeling of quiet luxury into your family photography, resulting in images that you will love for lifetimes.

What is Quiet Luxury?

Let’s back up – what is Quiet Luxury? This buzzword embraces a concept that has been around for a long time. I often equate it to Parisian style that is pulled together, elegant, and classic without having loud logos or anything too obvious it is “Luxury”. Quiet luxury is a lifestyle that celebrates understated elegance and high quality – think vintage or heirloom. It transcends ostentatious displays of wealth and instead embraces a refined and sophisticated approach to life. By adopting quiet luxury principles, you can create a sense of timeless style and grace in your family photography.

But how do you use this approach to create family photos that feel, well, timeless?

Incorporating Quiet Luxury into Your Family Photography:

Selecting the Perfect Location: Choose a location that embodies both beauty and timelessness. Consider picturesque, private gardens, or serene parks. The goal is to find a setting that evokes a sense of quiet grandeur and serves as a backdrop for capturing your family’s elegance. Is there a park you have seen that just portrays the beauty you feel of your family in your heart?

What not to choose – a street location with trendy wall art, trendy poses you may have seen an influencer on Instagram.

Dressing with Simple Elegance: Opt for simple yet well-crafted clothing that reflects your family’s style. Focus on quality pieces that fit well and complement each other. Remember, quiet luxury is about timeless style, not trendy fashion. By selecting clothing that transcends passing trends, you create a look that endures. Think of the classic button-up, a simple dress silhouette.

What not to choose: the Louis Vuitton logo or Gucci “G” all over your clothing. Nike or other Logos that stand out and take the stage. Remember these images are about you and your family – not an Ad for these brands.

Adding Subtle Luxury with Accessories: Enhance your family’s outfits with understated, classic accessories. A delicate piece of jewelry, a scarf that was passed down by your grandmother, or a woven hat can add a touch of sophistication without overpowering the overall aesthetic. Choose accessories that harmonize with your family’s attire and contribute to a sense of quiet luxury.

    What not to choose: Edit, edit, edit. No need to wear all of your jewelry box. Choose pieces that mean something to you. Think of you 50 years from now – will this piece help to tell the story of where you are now?

    Collaborating with Your Photographer: Communication with your photographer is key to achieving the desired images. They are your eyes for your vision. Ensure they understand and are aligned with your preference for a timeless and elegant shoot. Together, you can create a session that captures the authentic beauty and connections within your family.

    What not to choose: A photographer that only has their own plans and you’re not included. Talk to your photographer about what is important to you – first steps, toothy smiles, baby curls, the connection you have with your partner beyond your children – ensure that they capture those to create timeless images for you. This is above all your photos through their eyes, so ensure they understand and can create the images you dream of.

    Enhancing the Quiet Luxury Aesthetic: Post-production editing plays a crucial role in enhancing the quiet luxury ambiance. Adjusting colors, contrast, and brightness can elevate the elegance of your photos and bring out their timeless qualities.

    What not to choose: Editing for photographers is very personal. They all have their own styles – however, some don’t understand how to ensure skin tones are at their best. Ensure that your photographer understands that all skin tones are beautiful and that Orange is not it.

      Additional Tips for Quiet Luxury Family Photography:

      • Find a photographer who appreciates and specializes in the quiet luxury style. They aren’t trendy but they follow their heart to ensure that they capture the best images for you. Their expertise will ensure the seamless execution of your vision.
      • Understand that investing in your family’s photography is investing in cherished memories that will endure for generations. After you get your digital images – don’t let them sit on your hard drive or in the cloud! Print them and put them on the wall, frame them by the bed, and better yet – print them in an album for years to come. Your grandchildren will thank you.
      • Relax and enjoy the process. Family photography is about capturing the love and connections within your family and embracing the moment will translate into more authentic and emotive images. By using a family photographer you trust that prepares you every step of the way, you can ensure you will have a wonderful experience that leaves your family closer than ever.

      Examples of Quiet Luxury Family Photography:

      • A family poised in front of a stately home, dressed in simple yet elegant clothing, emanating grace and sophistication.
      • A family serenely seated in a private garden, surrounded by nature’s beauty, exuding a sense of tranquility and refined simplicity.
      • A family joyfully playing in a park, dressed in comfortable yet stylish attire, capturing the essence of carefree elegance and genuine connection.

      Quiet luxury family photography allows you to capture the elegance and love of your family in a timeless way. By following the principles outlined in this blog post, you can create photographs that embody understated grace and will be treasured for generations to come.

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