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As we welcome the first day of fall, it’s great to have some movies in the que that you can snuggle down to watch with some wine or hot cocoa. Even better if they connect you with nature and double bonus if there is good music!

The beauty of movies is that they can easily transport you somewhere else. In a blink of an eye your transported to a far away place, imaginary or another place in time. I always get so absorbed into a good movie that the rest of the world just seems to melt away. Does that happen to you too?

Here are my 10 favorites movies with beautiful Nature Imagery that I always find inspiration in. Have you seen them? Any to add to your list? Any to add to my list? Let me know in the comments!

The Secret Life of Mitty

1.Secret life of Mitty

This movie is about Walter Mitty that is in charge of photography at TIME magazine. He is quite a daydreamer which takes him on some amazing adventures. I can identify with his dreamer spirit. And the music is always fantastic to add to my shooting or editing playlist!

“Sean O’Connell: Sometimes I don’t. If I like a moment, for me, personally, I don’t like to have the distraction of the camera. I just want to stay in it.„

The Motorcycle Diaries

2. The motorcycle diaries

The Motorcycle Diaries is a film from the memoir about Ernesto “Che” Guevara. In 1952, 23 year old Che and his friend, Alberto Grando go on a motorcycle road trip from Brazil to Puru that begins as a trip any 23 year old would enjoy. But as they travel through South America, they observe the impoverished life of the Indegious people and his future is forever changed. Che becomes the iconic Marxist Gurellia Leader who believed that armed revolution would be the only way to fight for inequality.

„Let the world change you and you can change the world„
Ernesto “Che” Guevara

Big Fish

3. Big Fish

When I was a kid, we had such big imaginations. My father would often ask, “should this start with one upon a time?”.

In big fish, William travels to visit his dying father, Edward Bloom. Their relationship has always been difficult as he was often frustrated by his larger than life stories. As William is close to becoming a father himself, he goes on a journey to learn more about his father and who he really is before he dies. This movie is full of so much adventure and imagination that you will too get sucked into Edward Blooms world and a whole different understanding at the end.

The Secret Garden

4. The Secret Garden (1993 version)

This movie is a favorite from my childhood. I loved it so much my mom even knitted me the hat! This is the first movie done after the book, ‘The Secret Garden’.
It brings you through the story of Mary Lennox, as she suddenly loses her parents forcing her to leave India to live with her uncle and cousin in England. It is a learning about yourself story as she gets to learn more about her families past so she can create a new future for herself and the garden. It’s is so magical and the garden makes me so happy every time I watch it.

„“When a man looks at the stars, he grows calm and forgets small things. They answer his questions and show him that his earth is only one of the million worlds. Hold your soul still and look upward often, and you will understand their speech. Never forget the stars.”„

The Grand Budapest Hotel

5. The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson is one of my most favorite film directors. His use of color in his films has inspired many blogs, tumblr and Pinterest boards. This movie does not disappoint. It takes us on an adventure through the Grand Budapest Hotel through its history viewed through the eyes of the concierges assistant on a grand adventure. It is a wildly colorful ride!
See it here

Into the Wild

6. Into the Wild

Ready to see more of Alaska? In “Into the Wild”, Christopher McCandles, decides that instead of living a life of privilege, donates all his savings and belongings. He goes on an adventurous trek across Alaska and meets people that change the direction of his life. Both inspirational and beautiful this movie will have you planning your next vacation in Alaska.

Tree of Life

7. Tree of Life

This movie is sure to knock you off your socks and send you into a “what’s the meaning of life” tangent. This star studded American drama discusses the meaning of life from the view of a man in the 1950s Texas with images of the beginning of the universe and life on earth. Should be perfect movie for a Wednesday!


8. Amelie

I don’t know if you know this (yet) but I am a bit of a francifile. You know, those who love all-the-things French. This movie is in French (has subtitles!) but it has such delightful cinematography that you will get fully absorbed into the story and forget the subtitles. The visuals, use of color and places it goes will not disappoint. Amelie is a comedy about a girl who enjoys quietly arranging the lives of those around her. But her uptime goal to bring them all happiness.
Watch here

Daughters of the Dust

9. Daughters of the Dust

this is a 1991 one independent film that I saw long ago. This film is set in South Carolina in a multigenerational Gullah family – former West African slaves that kept many traditions of their family but are struggling to maintain as the youngest wish to move to the mainland from their cultural bubble. This film is full of beautiful light and picturesque imagery that will inspire while it teaches you about the rituals of the Gullah culture.


10. Wild

ok so this one is actually on my watch list, however it’s also on my read list. I find that I have to read it first or I won’t ever after watching the movie. Highly visual over here.
But im sure you have heard of it right? This is the story of Cheryl Strayed as she goes on a solo trek on the pacific trail after losing her mother. It becomes a place for her to heal, test herself on her abilities, and harness her fears. Im sure we can all relate to that on one level or another.

And there you have it! I also realize that most of these movies also show people going through a bit of a transformative life change. Something about nature and the outdoors gives you space to explore more of yourself. No judgment or rules it always consequences. It’s no wonder that backpacking through another country is so life changing.

Have you seen any of these? Any to add? I’d love to hear!

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