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Wedding, Elopement and a family photographer that is your North Star in collaborative imagery that tells your unique story. 


Make your life what you want it to be through different forms of fine art photography.  This is fine art that flaunts your secret sauce, not a garden-variety (unless we're talking about actual garden) photos like everyone else has.

Wedding Photography

Elopement Photography

Family ADventure Photography

Editorial Photography

REady to make some magic?

Feel connected to your wedding photos like you do that movie you can't stop watching.  

I believe in crafting great images and a sustainable life.

And in the process, I want to help you do the same.  You'll never see KBCO or E+A packaging in a landfill, and every purchase plants a tree (or more!).  Let's save the environment one image at a time.


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“Katie is an amazing listener, and knows how to take your vision and make it a reality.”

We spent hours discussing photos.  Not one angle (or stone) was left untouched.  I knew I could trust Katie with this piece of art. 

— Courtney, Adoring Fan + Client

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Come along for some nature (no watering required), interiors, and maybe some woo woo splashed in there. It's going to be a moody and sensual ride.

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